Consumer Seminar

Join us for our Next Live Seminar for 2015.

Date – Thursday March 12, 2015

It’s FREE to attend, and in just 90 minutes, you’ll learn:

1. What’s going on with the market RIGHT NOW.
2. Where the market is headed, and WHY.
3. The right way to buy a home or condo and get the best deal.
4. Pros and Cons for the various options in Real Estate Market.
5. How to invest your money safely, and get returns of 25% – 30% or more PER YEAR.
6. How to manage your portfolio, and minimize taxes, safely and legally.

Join us to stay in the loop over the Spring season and keep your portfolio on the right path.

I will be in touch with the seminar details after completing the form below. Seating is limited and must be reserved in advanced.

Consumer Seminar Registration